Together We Are Called

Together We Are Called was composed in 2019 by Ciaran Coll and Marie Dunne CHF to celebrate 10th anniversary of the Le Chéile Schools Trust. This year the AGM of Le Chéile was held virtually. A virtual choir representing all of the schools in the Le Chéile Trust was formed to record the song.  The video was produced by Eoin Walshe  and Ciaran Coll.

A Candle for You

A Tribute to the Frontline Workers

The song A Candle For You is composed by Marie Dunne CHF and sung by Patricia Bourke D'Souza. The song was composed in 2012 to remember Missing Persons. In light of the crises of the Cover-19 Coronavirus, this video has been created to accompany this song, and to reflect the isolation felt by so many at this time. In spite of the sadness and darkness of this current reality, the song endeavours to offer light and hope, as reflected in the light and warmth of the burning candle.


My Guiding Light

A Tribute to Grandparents

The song MY GUIDING LIGHT is a Tribute to Grandparents - composed by Marie Dunne CHF and sung by Emma Humber. During this time of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), when grandparents are isolated from their grandchildren, it allows their connection of love and care to be expressed in song. At this Easter time, may grandparents know how much they mean to their grandchildren. Words echoed in the song - 'And we will never be apart, for you are always in my heart.' The song was originally recorded in 2009.


Shelter Me

This video 'Shelter Me', is the title track taken from an album of spiritual chants of the same name, composed by Marie Dunne CHF. The vocalist is Katie O' Flaherty and the audio has been produced by Mark Cahill.


Look to that Polar Star

This short video captures the lyrics and melody of the Refrain to the song LOOK TO THAT POLAR STAR - composed by Marie Dunne CHF,

and inspired by the words of Margaret Aylward, foundress of the Sisters of the Holy Faith.

In Their Memory

IN THEIR MEMORY is a song dedicated to the memory of those whose lives have been spent in the love and service of others. It was originally composed in 2014 to remember the ‘heroes’ of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God – the frontline workers of the Order who lost their lives during the Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa, while caring for those with that virus. Since then it has been dedicated to the memory of all who share their lives in the service of others.


In the last few months, sadly many have died from the coronavirus Covid 19. In memory of them, and especially for those who lost their lives on the frontline, this new video has been created for the song.

Hymn of the Apparition at Knock -
Marie Dunne CHF

Hymn of the Apparition of Knock composed by Marie Dunne CHF with lyrics by Tom Neary and sung by Patricia Bourke D'Souza. The hymn is reflection on the story of the Apparition at Knock , Ireland on August 21st 1879.

Mary Temple of the Lord

by Marie Dunne CHF

'Mary Temple of the Lord' is composed by Marie Dunne CHF and sung by Katie O'Flaherty. The song is based on Mary - brought to the temple as a young child. It reflects her journey, and her response to God to become mother to God's son. In her 'yes' Mary herself would become the Temple of the Lord.


Luireach Phadraig

by Marie Dunne CHF

Luireach Phadraig - the Irish translation to the prayer Saint Patrick's Breastplate. Music setting composed by Marie Dunne and sung by Patricia Bourke D'Souza

You Will Be My Witnesses

by Marie Dunne CHF

You Will Be My Witnesses composed  by Marie Dunne CHF celebrates the  joy of the Christian message of love and service.  In this time of the Covid-19 Coronavirus,  many frontline workers are honouring that call in their own special way. The song is sung by Patricia Bourke D'Souza and the Saint John of God Choir. It was originally composed to celebrate the Year of Vocation (2008).The video has been specially created at this time (May 2020) to pay tribute to those working on the frontline all over the world.


Blessing of Hospitality

by Marie Dunne CHF

Blessing of Hospitality by Marie Dunne CHF, is a song of blessing, reminding us that the God of love and hospitality is always there - offering comfort, solace and reassurance. The audio was originally recorded in 2013 for the St John of God Brothers. The video has been recently created (Aug 2020) at a time when in light of the Corona Virus (Covid -19) many are struggling with uncertainty and anxiety. The song endeavours to offer God's blessing to all at this time.